Read some of the things that people have said about their time at the farm...

"In 2011 I arrived at Peters Eden Farm, 12 years away from society a person with anxiety and low self confidence.  I was welcomed by the family with kindness and respect.


My confidence gradually grew and my anxiety eased as the months on the farm passed.  When the time came to leave I felt so much more able to face the world again.


My life is a happy fulfilled one now and I truly believe my time at Peter's Eden contributed enormously to my wellbeing and current situation.


I will be forever grateful to the family for their friendship and support in my rehabilitation."


"Several months working at Peter’s Eden made a huge difference to my life. Hannah and Chris were most welcoming and taught me much about the farm and what it takes to keep it running and growing. More importantly, they made me feel a part of their project, and part of their lives. They are people who really believe in what they are doing, that creating a thriving farm is not only a wonderful thing in itself, but that it can make a positive difference to other people’s lives too.


There is a comforting rhythm to the daily and seasonal tasks - feeding the animals, mucking out, shearing, lambing, etc - that takes one away from cares and worries. From the simplest job to the more intricate, there is something that needs to be done. The sense of responsibility, for the livestock and the farm, the sense of involvement, are quite liberating. And then there are the bigger projects, like building barns and toilet blocks, that require a team effort. Tea never tastes so good as when shared with others after digging a ditch.


Add to all this the warmest, most caring family, and you have life on the farm - a life that is fun, engrossing, and healthy."


"It was in March 2012 that my son was moved to North Sea Camp Open Prison to complete his sentence; as part of his rehabilitation he was offered the opportunity to work for the Blevins family on their small farm.  He would tell me how they were an amazing family who were totally open and honest and I feel this was reciprocated by the Offenders that worked at the Farm.

I would endeavour to visit my son whenever time permitted, it was quite evident over time that his confidence was returning, indeed I myself was invited to the farm to meet the family, namely Chris, Hannah, Liz and the three boys, they came across as a very focussed and positive family who enjoyed life.  One thing the family showed was kindness and thoughtfulness towards others.

On my son's final release and subsequent homecoming it was so noticeable by my family and friends that his mental wellbeing and rehabilitation was so improved which I feel was very much down to the Blevins's.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them for their Care and Compassion Farming project."