Our animals.


Boris is often referred to as Boris the Naughty Donkey.

He loves eating his fence but especially likes it when we cover it in chilli sauce (which we thought would stop him....you can see that video in the Gallery section!)

Boris will take any amount of fuss, provided you don’t touch his ears, and will start to shout if you leave him (he is a bit needy)!

He is always happy to be groomed and will do anything for Polo mints and apples.


We have a registered pedigree flock of Kerry Hill sheep (the ones that look like pandas), but we also have several cross-breed sheep.  We lamb in March/April and it is definitely the most exciting time here on the farm!

Every year we have one or two bottle fed lambs as if a ewe has triplets, she can only properly feed two, so we feed one with a bottle to help her.  We sometimes take these lambs into nurseries and schools to let the children have a try at feeding them.


Rory is a Section A Welsh Mountain pony who has been with us since February 2017. He belonged to our friend Emma and taught all her children to ride, although he isn't ridden any more.

He LOVES children, but is a bit more nervous of adults.  We have to leave a headcollar on him so we can catch him when we move him into another field, otherwise it takes ages! You might see Rory and Boris play fighting together as they have mostly been together since Boris was a baby, so they behave very much like brothers.....


We do not breed our own pigs here on the farm, but we buy them from HMP North Sea Camp farm at 8 weeks old.

We have had hundreds of pigs here over the years and they have all been great fun.  We have even managed to teach some of them to sit like a dog (only if apples are involved though!).

The breed we prefer are Middle White pigs, who are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust list as one of the most endangered breeds.


We have two ferrets here on the farm named Dizzie (Rascal) and Florence (and the Machine).

They are very friendly and love a fuss but will escape if they have the opportunity!


Ivy is a British Saanan goat and she is an old lady now. She has produced several lovely kids for us in the past, except they have all been boys.  She is in retirement now but is still very friendly.

We are hoping to get some pygmy goats in the near future.


Our geese have always had an identity crisis! Our original goose, Wally, used to think he was a sheep and lived in the field with them all year round.  We used to play the game "Where's Wally" at shearing time when the sheep all came in the barn as Wally would always be right in the middle!

The only time Wally wasn't pretending to be a sheep was during lambing time as he didn't care much for pesky lambs.  He then became a goat for a few months and lived with Ivy until the lambs were separated from their mums.


We have many chickens here at the farm - but they are not of any particular breed! An interesting fact is that whatever colour egg a chick hatches from is the colour they will lay, so we keep and breed from the unusual coloured eggs that we get.


A box of pastured eggs from us may contain a mixture of brown, green, blue and white eggs.  As they have the whole farm to roam around in, the eggs are of an exceptionally high quality and contain a fabulous, almost orange coloured yolk!


We love ducks here at The Askefield Project as they are real characters!

As with the chickens, our ducks are a real mixture.  We do have a couple of runner ducks, one of whom has raised ducklings this year, so we are going to increase the size of the duck pond and include an interesting eco-energy project at the same time!

The ducks do lay eggs which we have for sale periodically, although they do hide them around the farm from time to time.....

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