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Part-time farmer; part-time engineer, full time, full on Dad!  After 12 years in the Royal Air Force and another 10 in the motorsport industry, I’m now answering my true calling – farming.  I can’t say it’s been easy, and I’ve had to    use my previously acquired skills to keep us going financially in hard times.  But now, after twelve years of hard graft, we are so proud to present the Askefield Project.  What started as a family smallholding has developed into a vibrant hub for the whole community to enjoy those things that we take for granted every day.  Animals, activities, the outdoors, the wildlife, the tranquillity! And the satisfaction of creating something that makes a difference to people’s lives on so many levels.  It has taken time.  It has taken seriously hard work.  It has involved cataclysmic pitfalls and a huge amount of worry.  But we know from our current clients and visitors the impact the Askefield Project is making.  And we’re in it for the long run; creating new and innovative areas to help and rehabilitate all comers. 

The Askefield Project Ltd.

Peter's Eden Farm

Howgarth Lane



PE22 8PQ

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